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Hey friends! We’re Aaron and Jillian! We’ve been together for 13 years and have been photographing 40 weddings a year together for just over 10 years! Yep, we work together, live together, and do just about everything together. We’re also both avid world travelers, home design enthusiasts, lovers of southern hospitality and co-owners of Aaron & Jillian Photography in Charleston, South Carolina!

Since meeting in South Korea, back in 2009 (Yep, you heard that right!), we’ve lived a full and exciting life together! We’ve traveled to 19 different countries (five of those trips were to shoot weddings!), renovated a 1930’s house, raised two insanely adorable yellow labs (Parker & Boone!) and photographed over 400 weddings together! We’re basically attached at the hip – and we love it that way!

Now we can’t wait to hear your story!

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We’ve been shooting weddings, side by side, for over 10 years and recently photographed our 400th wedding together!! Talk about experience, right?! And we’re BOTH professional photographers, which means we’re BOTH equipped to photograph weddings on our own, but we choose to shoot every single wedding together! So you’re getting TWO professional wedding photographers when you book us! It’s pretty awesome, if you ask us!

We’re based in Charleston, South Carolina, but are always down to chat with you and your fiance about meeting you anywhere in the world for your wedding day!

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