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Hi, I’m Asha, an artist who loves paper, ink and textured printed paper.  Since I was young I have magnetised towards all things stationery and crafts and find myself happiest when writing, drawing or painting.

After working in a heavily digitised world in a creative field it was an awakening moment in 2014 when I discovered calligraphy.  The way the nib moved slowly and almost effortlessly across the paper like it was dancing a slow waltz, will forever be in my memories.  Babooche Calligraphy was set up in 2017 and soon after I found my perfect studio in central London, UK.

Following my discovery of the art of letterpress and foil printing I purchased my own presses to transform my designs into luxurious paper goods.

Inspired by nature and European heirloom history, I utilise these slow artisan and printing techniques to create art for those that love paper as much as I do.

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The Details

I know it might look pretty obvious from the content on my website, but I am true romantic. So, this just makes it so more meaningful for me to be part of the most romantic industries in the world…weddings!

I relish all that denotes a romantic tone, from beautiful paintings, nature landscapes, soothing classical music, novels, series (huge Bridgerton, Downtown Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, Marie Antoinette and any period drama/film fan – oh, and I keep them on repeat).  The list goes on.  But I’ve found that all of these things feed my soul and my creative passion.

To learn about my clients’ love stories means so much to me and then I get the added bonus of taking that story and putting it into paper and print.

So grab your laptop and write an email or pick up the phone and tell me about your story so we can create it into a Bridgerton love story (but paper based!)

Asha x

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