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At Christa Graham Weddings & Events, our clients are unconventional couples who want a unique wedding that truly represents who they are.

To do that, you need someone who can see your vision and can connect you with the right process and people to make it happen.

The problem is that most wedding professionals offer a traditional, cookie-cutter approach which makes you feel like your event has to be more about their vision than yours.

We believe every couple should have the most important parts of themselves and their relationship infused throughout their wedding.

We work with clients who are non-traditional and a little eccentric. They are Detroit natives, dog lovers, tattoo wearers, gamers, queer folks, tarot card readers, plus-size individuals, or self-proclaimed nerds. Or, all of the above.

We understand how hard it is to find wedding professionals who know how to meet needs of clients like these — clients like you.

This is why we created a process which allows us to get the job done well and highlight the parts of your relationship that mean the most to you.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Visualize: This process is complete with exercises for capturing your vision.

2. Customize: This is where we tailor our process to your vision.

3. Execute: Where our team takes over and attends to all of the details before and during your event.

So, to avoid the traditional, cookie-cutter approach, and instead enjoy planning an event that truly represents who you are as a couple, book a free consultation call today.

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Through my planning and organizing experience, I’ve created a three-step process for planning events: I take each client through Visualize, Organize, and Execute phases, each with simple, actionable steps that eliminate stress and overwhelm.

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