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I am a wedding content creator who specializes in capturing the raw, authentic, behind the scenes moments with my iPhone. I capture all of the moments and all of the in betweens. Sharing a hug with a loved one, sharing a laugh with your girls, all the moments when you think no one is watching, I am there to capture it and get the behind the scenes of your special day. If you are interested in doing those fun wedding trends for your socials I am the girl to make that happen. All content is delivered within 24 hours so you get to wake up the morning after your wedding and relive it all over again. Think of me as your best friend, because no one knows your angles, your vibe, or has the eye of your best friend.

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Wedding content creation. All short shot video and photos taken with my iPhone. I deliver all content within 24 hours. My style- fun, moody, colorful but also love black and white, vibey, authentic, raw. Picture your favorite trend and now picture that trend with you as the main character. I serve all states and countries but am located in New Jersey. There will be a travel fee if traveling a longer distance or a flight is needed.

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