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Hi, I’m Lorelei and I’m so thrilled that you are here! Before we dive into working together for your big day, I’m sure you’d like to know more about me and my style of photography.

I believe that photography should be an uplifting and fun experience. I know for many people, traditional posing can feel awkward, so I strive to give you and your partner prompts to help capture candid and genuine reactions.

I make it my goal to truly get to know you and your partner as people. By building a relationship of trust and understanding, I strive to make you feel more at ease on your wedding day.

Finally, love is love and all are welcome here.

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The Details

My photography journey started in mid 2021 when I was inspired to buy an old DSLR to take bird photos with. Originally I planned to simply do photography occasionally when I was out hiking. I had no idea how much my passion would grow in just a little over a year!

In December of 2021, I relocated from Pensacola, Florida to Goldsboro, North Carolina. In an attempt to make new friends, I chose to join the Goldsboro Area Photography Club (GAPC). Through GAPC, I learned so much about photography and my love for the art continued to flourish. Recently I was elected vice president of GAPC for 2023, and I hope that I can help inspire other new photographers.

Because I love working with and meeting new people, I decided to expand my photography to portraits, couples and weddings. This has deepened my appreciation for photography even further. Photographs are a timeless way to preserve life’s most important memories. I would love to be a part of making those memories with you!

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