How to Include Your Dog on Your Wedding Day and Tips to Create a Pet-Friendly Wedding

November 7, 2023

Stephanie Thomas

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, commitment, and family — and for many couples, their dogs are as much a part of their family as anyone else. If you’re planning to say “I do” and you want your four-legged friends to be part of the festivities, you’re not alone. Incorporating dogs into weddings is a trend that’s here to stay, and with a little planning, it can add an extra touch of joy to your special day. In this post, we’ll explore some paw-fect ways to include your dogs in your wedding, making sure it’s a comfortable, safe, and delightful experience for everyone involved.

Creating a Pup-Approved Wedding Atmosphere

Choosing a Dog-Friendly Venue

Securing the perfect pet-friendly wedding venue is key for your canine-inclusive celebration. Look for spacious outdoor venues that welcome furry guests and offer amenities like dog relief areas or quiet lounging spots. Your venue should not only dazzle human guests but also provide a safe, comfortable environment for your pooch to enjoy the festivities.

Designing a Tail-Wagging Celebration

Themed decorations can enhance the pet-friendly ambiance of your wedding. Consider adding paw print motifs to your invitations, table settings, cake toppers, and signage that celebrates your dog’s role in your life. By incorporating these playful elements, you’ll craft a whimsical atmosphere that acknowledges your dog’s significant place in your heart and home.

Including Your Dog in Wedding Ceremonies and Photos

Assigning Your Dog a Role in Your Ceremony

Involving your dog in your wedding ceremony can be a joyous way to celebrate your bond. Whether they trot down the aisle as a ring bearer or sit beside you as an honorary best man or maid of honor, their presence will add warmth and personality to your nuptials. Ensure their comfort with practice runs and keep their tasks simple to match their level of training and temperament. You can even dress them up as a bride or groom! If they don’t love getting fully dressed up, you can simply give them a cute bow or bow-tie.

Capturing Unforgettable Moments with Your Dog

Your wedding album wouldn’t be complete without your dog. A skilled wedding photographer who’s experienced in pet photography can capture candid moments and posed portraits with your furry companion. A pre-wedding photoshoot can familiarize your dog with the camera and help ensure that their personality shines through in every snapshot.

Furry Guest Considerations

Creating a Comfortable Space for Dogs

Make sure your dog, and any other canine guests, have a comfortable retreat from the festivities. A designated quiet area, complete with water bowls, toys, and comfortable bedding, will allow them a break from the excitement and ensure they’re not overwhelmed.

You can even consider hiring a professional pet handler or assigning a trusted friend to be your dog’s caretaker for the day. You can enjoy your day while knowing that your dog is fed, watered, and taken out for bathroom breaks as needed. This service can also include bringing the dog to the ceremony and then taking them home or to a pet-friendly hotel afterward

Unforgettable Dog-Friendly Wedding Favors

Treating Guests to a Dog Biscuit Bar

For a truly paw-sonal touch, consider offering a unique wedding favor that guests, and their pets, will love. A dog biscuit bar, featuring homemade, all-natural treats, is a delightful way to thank your guests and their furry friends for being part of your day. Collaborate with vendors like Rocky and a Rollin’ House of Chews to create an assortment of gourmet dog biscuits that can be taken home as a tasty memento. Not only will this give your guests something to talk about, but it’s also a great way to support a small business and ensure that the joy of your wedding extends to the whole family, pups included.

Saying “I Do” With Your Dog by Your Side

Your wedding is a day of love and joy, and including your best friend can make it all the more memorable. Some couples have even told us it was the highlight of their day! With thoughtful planning and a touch of creativity, you can make sure that your wedding day is comfortable and enjoyable for your beloved pet, and that their presence adds to the joy and warmth of your celebration.


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