Things That Should Stay in 2023: Bridal Edition

December 12, 2023

Stephanie Thomas

As we approach to 2024, it’s time to reflect on the things we need to leave behind in the realm of wedding planning. Here are four things we recommend leaving in 2023, courtesy of @officialbrideslist:

1. Doing Everything On Your Own

Wedding planning is a massive undertaking, and it shouldn’t be a solo act. As you’re about to enter a partnership, let that start with the wedding planning! If your partner is not available to help, turn to bridesmaids, family or even The Bride’s List! Our vendor directory and online community have offered brides tons of help and resources. The more hands on deck, the better!

2. Taking The Opinions of Others to Heart

People WILL give their opinions on your wedding. It’s a fact of life. However, that doesn’t mean you have to take them to heart! We are leaving doing what others want our wedding to look like in 2023. It’s your special day and the decisions should ultimately be up to you and your partner.

3. Not Researching Wedding Vendors

Choosing the right vendors for your wedding can be a daunting task. But fear not, we’re leaving uncertainty over vendors in 2023! With sites like The Brides List, recommendations and reviews are readily available to make a trustworthy decision for your wedding team. We are all about trusting and vibing with our vendors for 2024!

4. Getting Caught Up in the Drama

There are many potential sources of drama when planning a wedding. From lack of RSVPs and uninvited guests to bridesmaids not meeting your expectations, there’s a lot to juggle! But we are leaving getting worked up about that in 2024. Remember, your wedding is about your commitment to your partner. Keep your focus and priorities on that!

Tell Us: What Are You Leaving in 2023?

We’d love to hear what you’re planning to leave behind in 2023. Comment below, and follow The Bride’s List for more bridal related content! Your experiences and insights could help other brides as they prepare for their big day.

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